While Vivo’s V-Series smartphones have received good reception, thanks to a combination of great performance and imaging capabilities, the company isn’t forgetting to show some love foe its Y-Series, which has undergone a “makeover.” Today, we’re taking a look at one the devices in this lineup, the Y17.

Display6.3" HD+ IPS
ProcessorHelio P35
Rear Camera13MP + 8MP + 2MP
Front Camera20MP
OSAndroid 9 + FunTouch OS
Design and Build Quality

y17 u 16Despite being technically in the budget segment, the Vivo Y17 looks more than its price. While the body is mostly plastic, a dual gradient glossy back panel certainly amps up its eye-candy factor.

y17 u 19The device is light enough for one handed-use, but heavy enough that it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheaply-made. The triple camera module slightly protrudes, which exposes the lens cover. Fortunately, this can be easily solved using the supplied jelly case.

y17 u 2Button position – power button and volume rocker on the right, and SIM slot on the left. It uses a triple slot tray, so you can use two SIM cards along with your microSD card.

y17 u 1As expected, Vivo sticks to a microUSB port at the bottom, along with the microphone and speaker grill.

y17 u 15The Y17’s 6.35-inch display has a resolution of 720 x 1544 pixels or HD+.  And while it should benefit battery life, it needs to have more than that in order to compete with other phones at its price range, such as the realme 3 or the Redmi Note 7.


For the common daily tasks such as social media, web browsing, email, YouTube, and more, the Y17’s Helio P35 processor will not disappoint. Add 4GB of RAM to the mix, and it should hold up well in light to moderate multi-tasking.

If you’re planning to game with this, don’t expect too much, as it can only play PUBG Mobile at Balanced – Medium FPS at most. Lighter games such as Mobile Legends will run fine, even at Max Settings, but you won’t have access to High FPS mode.


y17 c 4 1y17 c 28It’s a feat that Vivo was able to equip this phone with a trio of shooters – including an ultra-wide angle camera that shows can capture a decent amount of detail even in less than ideal lighting.

y17 c 48y17 c 49y17 c 54y17 c 57y17 c 60y17 c 46

Given enough light, the Y17’s camera’s can take on a finely detailed subject, such as gunpla, and capture most of that detail with ease. The bokeh effect it generates is also quite accurate and refined.

y17 c 3

y17 c 44y17 c 62y17 c 25y17 c 39y17 c 42In low-light, overall quality does suffer drastically, but the quality is actually more than what I expected. The Y17 can capture a fair amount of detail, though it does struggle at controlling the exposure in some areas.

y17 c 81y17 c 76The front camera can only capture average looking selfies as far as detail is concerned.  There’s an evident lack of sharpness as well.


Well, Funtouch OS has undergone quite an evolution since the V3 and V3 Max days, and is now quite polished in most areas. It’s fluid, snappy, and fast, most of the time.

You still get the usual goodies, such as Ultra Game Mode, which does not only allow the phone to perform better in games, but also prevents notifications from distracting you during gameplay, and more.

It also offers the complete suite of methods for unlocking the phone including Face ID Access. All of which work fast, and work well.


y17 s 3If there’s one area where the Y17 excels at, it’s battery life. Based on PCMark’s Work 2.0 battery benchmark, which simulates tasks like basic video editing and data manipulation, the phone scored close to 15 hours, which means that in light to moderate use, it should last you at least a full day before having to be recharged.

Speaking of which, charging from zero to full only takes around 1.5 hours!

y17 u 15
Vivo Y17 Review
Our Verdict
The Vivo Y17 is a fair mix of things to like and things that could be better. I do like the look and feel of the device, as it seems more expensive than it actually is. While its HD display certainly contributes to its great battery life, you can't help but want more, especially when you look at most of its competitors. It's a decent daily driver, but not so much for gaming. As for its cameras, well, it captures decent photos as long as there's sufficient lighting. For low-light, it's fair, but not even close the its rivals which have a dedicated night mode. If longevity is your priority above everything else. This phone should be on your list, as its 5,000mAh battery delivers exceptional uptime. Now, all of its flaws are forgivable if it was priced well. But it's not. Even with the most recent price cut, it still sits at PhP11,999. Simply put, there are a number of devices out there that offer better performance, better cameras, and most importantly, better value at this price point.
Design and Build Quality
What's Good
Premium look and feel
Good daily driver for common tasks
Great battery life
Well-optimized software
What's Not
Could use a better processor
Screen feels inferior to the competition
Low-light performance is only average at most
Costs too much for what it offers

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