There’s so much FF7 Remake news and this time, it’s another gameplay video, this time with Ifrit! Take a peep below courtesy of Nmia Gaming:


In the video, we can see a new boss battle with Aerith and Tifa as playable characters along with Cloud. You’ll also notice a “Summon” bar fill up during the boss fight. It’s unclear at the moment as to what you’ll need to do to fill it up but in the video, Ifrit is summoned to fight alongside your party. The Summon bar slowly depletes while Ifrit is out so it could be a timer on how long Ifrit can fight with you.


One more thing to notice is that Ifrit can burn the boss, dealing damage over time, and the boss will jump into the surrounding water pools to extinguish the flames. Ifrit also has abilities that deal massive damage.

Lastly, we see a Gym related minigame which entails rhythm button presses.

At this point, FF7 Remake is looking fantastic content wise and is shaping up to be a massive game when it releases on March 3, 2020!


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