The recently launched Huawei Mate 30 Pro has just inched its way to the top of the DxOMark camera ranking. It beat out the Samsung Note 10+ by 4 points overall. Its 131 photo score still ranked the highest though.

The new review processes were used in the testing, which include tests for ultra-wide and night mode. Unsurprisingly, the Mate 30 Pro aced the Night test and currently holds the highest score. Its zoom camera held its own as well despite having only 3x zoom, compared to the 5x of the P30 Pro.

huawe mate 30 pro dxomark
Photo: GSMArena

The ultrawide angle camera was the device’s weak point, having a narrower field of view. It’s a pretty decent trade-off for getting the image quality that the phone offered, while also avoiding issues like soft corners.

Video from the Mate 30 Pro missed out on HDR recording and some color quantization in indoor recording. It compensated with fast and accurate autofocus and capable video stabilization.

huawe mate 30 pro dxomark 2
Photo: GSMArena

Moving to the front, the latest Mate device found itself in the Top 5 for photo, ahead of devices like the P30 Pro and Pixel 3. The new ToF sensor which results to better bokeh helped its cause, though the lack of autofocus hurt its performance. The phone’s front video was the downside, with a max resolution of 1080p and relatively weak image stabilization.

Clearly, the Mate 30 Pro hasn’t quite reached ‘the perfect phone’ status as far its camera goes but the consistency across the board just speaks loads of how impressive its optics are.