When we talk of routers, one would imagine the usual, a block of plastic with a ton of antennas stretching out, maybe with some lights.

ASUS on the other hand, values style just as much as functionality, and it kind of shows with the Lyra Voice, a tri-band Wi-Fi router that doesn’t look like a router in any way. Ironically, this device actually offers a lot more than that. Let’s dig in.

Network Standard IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11ac
Product Segment AC2200 ultimate AC performance : 400+867+867 Mbps
Coverage Large homes
Data Rate 802.11a : 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54 Mbps
802.11b : 1, 2, 5.5, 11 Mbps
802.11g : 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54 Mbps
802.11n 256QAM : up to 400 Mbps
802.11ac : up to 867 Mbps
Antenna Internal dBi antenna x 6 for Wi-Fi
Bluetooth antenna x1
Transmit/Receive 2.4 GHz 2 x 2
5 GHz-1 2 x 2
5 GHz-2 2 x 2
Memory 256 MB Flash
512 MB RAM
Operating Frequency 2.4G Hz, 5 GHz-1, 5 GHz-2
Encryption WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise , WPA2-Enterprise
WAN Connection Type Internet connection type : Automatic IP, Static IP, PPPoE(MPPE supported), PPTP, L2TP
Ports RJ45 for 1Gbps BaseT for WAN x 1, RJ45 for 1Gbps BaseT for LAN x 1
Features Router app
Traffic Analyzer
– User definable rules for IP/MAC/Port
– Upload and download bandwidth management
– ACK/SYN/FIN/RST/ICMP with highest priority
Parental Control
Guest Network
Button Power Switch
Power Supply AC Input : 110V~240V(50~60Hz)
DC Output : 19 V with max. 2.37 A current
OS Support Windows 10
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7 (Ensure that BIOS and drivers are the latest version to support Windows 7)
Windows Vista
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Mac OS X 10.1
Mac OS X 10.4
Mac OS X 10.5
Mac OS X 10.6
Mac OS X 10.7
Mac OS X 10.8
Dimensions 270 x 75 x 75 ~ mm (WxDxH) (Without Bezel)
Weight 975 g
Operation mode Wireless router mode
Range extender mode
Access point mode
SRP PhP15,390
Design and Features

lyra v 33The Lyra Voice’s bar design isn’t exactly typical for a router, and that’s because ASUS wanted to set this device as an elegant piece in your living room, while still doing what it’s supposed to do. Up front, you get an ASUS branding along with an LED light which indicates the router’s status.


lyra v 25At the back are two ports, one for WAN, which is where you’ll connect the cable that comes from your main router, and one for LAN, along with the power port. There’s also a DTS branding, along with the power switch.

lyra v 27Up top, you get dedicated buttons for enabling or disabling the microphone, for adjusting volume, and controlling playback, partially.

The Lyra Voice router also functions as a Bluetooth + Alexa/Google Assistant-enabled speaker. Yes. When it’s properly set up, you can use your voice to execute commands such as playing music, and ask questions about a lot of topics, such as weather, time, and a lot more. It also works as a repeater to extend Wi-Fi range, or as part of an AiMesh Wi-Fi system.

lyra v 37Setting up the router is very easy. All you have to do is download the ASUS Router app, and let it find the Lyra Voice. Once it finds the device, it’ll then ask you to supply credentials for your network.

lyra v 43When set up, you’ll be able to access the router’s features, set network IDs, adjust sound settings and more. AIProtection Pro by TrendMicro can also be enabled by a simple switch. It protects your connected devices from cyber threats, like potentially harmful content in disguise.

It does this by performing in-depth scans of both inbound and outbound data. It even intelligently updates itself whenever a new patch is available to ensure always up-to-date protection.

lyra v 51Smart QoS allows you to set bandwidth priority for a set of predefined tasks. So if most users are into streaming, you can set that as the highest priority, and so on.

lyra v 72The ASUS Router app allows you to sign in with your Amazon account to access services connected to it, such as Spotify and Deezer.

lyra v 68To customize Alexa, you have to install the Alexa app on your mobile device. Once done, login to your Amazon account and let it do its magic. Once enabled, you can now customize Alexa with skills and connect to services such as Spotify. There’s Deezer too, but unfortunately it’s not supported in our region.

lyra v 58For parents who want to ensure that their kids don’t stumble on inappropriate content,  the router offers Advanced Parental Controls, wherein they can just tick a checkbox and the device will then apply the corresponding filters. They can also easily monitor usage, and even set times to block Internet access.

Voice Commands

You can ask Alexa, such as about the weather, playing something from a music streaming service, be updated on the news, and more. You can even set reminders and add things to your Amazon cart. Oh, if you’re having a hard time with that math problem, it might just work.

lyra v 65In instances, you’ll have to be clear with your words so that Alexa can understand your commands. Normally, it does, even from a distance, so long as you’re loud enough.


As this is a Tri-band router, you’ll find 2.4GHz, and two 5GHz options on your device when scanning for available networks. The 2.4GHz band is useful when you’re far from the router, while the 5GHz gives you better performance when you’re close.

As far as range is concerned, I still had decent connectivity even when the router is placed on the 2nd floor in a room, and I was on the first. I even went as far as going out of our house to the other side of the road (about 20 meters), and I could still watch a YouTube video with no buffering.

lyra v 2Even when 4 devices were connected, three of them streaming, and I’m playing a game, my ping was still at what I’d normally get, which is good, and stable at that too.

lyra v 18The Lyra Voice isn’t going to blow you away with its sound, the treble seems muddy and lacking, and the mids, quite recessed. There’s a bit of bass there, but the overall signature isn’t really my cup of coffee. At least, it’s loud enough for a small room

lyra v 33
Review: ASUS Lyra Voice AC2200 Tri-Band Smart Voice Router
Our Verdict
ASUS Lyra Voice covers most of what you'll need from a home router. It's packed with features that focus on connectivity, ease of use, and security, and the Alexa function adds even more value. Performance-wise, it pack a wide coverage area, and can intelligently prioritize bandwidth to whatever task you want. As a speaker, it's certainly not the best you can get, but It'll do for casual listening.
What's Good
Unorthodox design, will pass as an decorative piece
Alexa built-in adds a lot of value
Consistent network performance
Good range for Wi-Fi coverage
Easy to Set Up
Companion App Offers In-Depth Parental Control
What's Not
Average sound quality when used as a speaker
A Bit Pricey

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