As we approach closer to 2020 and the impending release of the highly anticipated PlayStation 5, rumors will definitely start flying around. While we’ve not received any more info on the PS5 prior to the specs reveal from a couple of months back, one such rumor is swirling around now, stating that when the PS5 releases, a “Pro” model will release at the same time.

PlayStation g 04

As history dictates, a “Pro” version, similar to the Xbox One X, are both mid generation upgrades and did not release on launch day. Instead, it happens a year or two down the line. A japanese journalist named Zenji Nishikawa says that while Sony is definitely looking forward to releasing a Pro version, it’s plans for the PS5 is to release it during day 1.

Who is this Nishikawa person to provide such a claim? He was apparently the first one to break the news of the Switch Lite before the Nintendo announcement as well.

While this certainly is a rumor at this point, it’s quite fun to keep all the speculations rolling along as we approach 2020, the year that the PS5 will possibly launch. Which one will you be picking up if the rumor proves true? Let us know!

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