Huawei Mate30 Pro is a powerhouse of a smartphone. Apart from having the most advanced chipset, it also houses the best set of cameras that are built for both mobile photography and videography.

We visited some of the landmarks and tourist spots in Munich to take some sample photos and videos. I used Huawei Mate30 Pro during our stroll, and we’d like to share them with you. For your better, I have listed below the full camera specifications of both smartphones. The unit I used during my stroll was the Huawei Mate30 Pro.

Camera Huawei Mate 30 Huawei Mate 30 Pro
Front camera 24M f/2.0 32MP, 2x Depth Sensor
Rear camera 40MP, f/1.8 40MP, f/1.6
8MP, f/2.4 8MP, f/2.4
16MP, f/2.2 40MP, f/1.8
3D TOF Camera


The new quad-camera system of the Mate 30 Pro (see above) allow consumers to take stunning cameras that rival high-end ones. In the case of Huawei Mate30 Pro, its major advantage is the two cameras with 40MP each, which in charge for photography and videography.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Sets New Camera Benchmark on DxOMark

For your reference, I have prepared a quick list of the things I observed while using the smartphone. I’ll contrast these information with the points I got from the seminar I attended about Design and Camera + Photography of Huawei Mate30 series.


Mate30 Pro is Huawei’s first smartphone that sports 3 cameras infront. The 32MP front camera is coupled with 2 depth sensors, which are powerful enough to analyse and optimize selfie portrait shots. The photos below are taken with the main 32MP lens. The camera is able to achieve selfies with impressive quality of background bokeh.

When I took the last photo, I was surprised to see how the phone turned on an artificial ring light. This isn’t exactly a new feature as the latest EMUI10 build on my Huawei P30 Pro has the same implementation for users.


Compared to Huawei Mate20 Pro and P30 Pro, the AI on Mate30 Pro isn’t as aggressive as before. Instead of making the AI aggressive in tweaking the photos, which before resulting to oversaturated photos, Huawei improved the camera sensor and all the underlying factors to produce a photo with more accurate and efficient AI intervention.

Food Photography

The bigger sensor on Huawei Mate30 Pro allows it to take impressive food photos. Taking photos of food requires efficient color processing. Here are some photos I took using the new phone. Note that I didn’t edit any of the photos at post.

Car Photography

I paid a visit to BMW Museum in Munich to take photos of cars. Here are some of mu photos. Notice the perfect combination of good contrast level to bring out the right dark and light colors. Level of saturation are on point too!


This is where Mate30 shines. While there are a few things to improve on how the bokeh is presented, I find the photos much clearer and color-accurate.

Night Photography

Every year, this mode on Huawei’s flagship smartphones keep on getting better. This time, photos I took at night with this smartphone has more depth, and the contrast level are good enough to bring out the right mix of deep blacks and lighter colored parts of the subject.


Sample Video (Full HD, 60fps)

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