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Vivo has recently announced the new NEX 3 smartphone at its launch event held in Shanghai, China. The device has a 4G and 5G variant, and showcases innovative display design concept and intelligent applications that redefine the user experience.

“Carrying the innovative DNA of the NEX brand, the NEX 3 series offers one of the most premium mobile experiences and best all-around flagship devices available today, and is leading the smartphone industry into a new stage of exploration in the 5G era.”

– Spark Ni, Vivo Senior Vice President

NEX 3 5G boasts a 5G-6 antenna design for enhanced signal no matter what the scenario. It runs on a Snapdragon 855 Plus, and boasts UFS 3.0 flash memory, all to deliver top computing performance, excellent multitasking capabilities, ultra-high download speeds (over 1Gbps), ultra-low latency and robust network reliability. Its dual LAN acceleration technology can use two Wi-Fi signal networks at the same time, greatly boosting network speed.

Vivo has also optimized the device’s stamina and thermal conductivity. Thanks to a 4,500mAh battery, users can go through the day without feeling restrained on what they can do with their phone, while Super FlashCharge 44W and C-DRX power-saving technologies ensure that low-power is a thing of the past. It also has a vapor chamber cooling system for heavy 5G usage. It has up to 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage.

NEX 3 5G sports a 6.89-inch notch-free display, and boasts a screen-to-body ratio of 99.6% for unparalleled visual experience. Its touch-controlled unibody design hides all the physical buttons from sight. Thanks to its X-axis Haptic Vibration motor, Touch Sense can respond with haptic feedback that’s similar to physical buttons for select functions.

For imaging, the NEX 3 5G packs a 64MP main camera, a 13MP wide-angle camera, and a 13MP telescopic camera. Its 16MP front shooter is housed in an elevating mechanism, composed of a purpose-fit motor and a customized gear box to ensure a smooth elevating motion every single time.

Jovi has been upgraded to deliver a fully intelligent flagship experience, using AI algorithms for software optimization and enhanced user habit learning for deeper AI integration. Jovi now has upgraded applications, including Jovi Smart Scene which supports users with daily tasks, and AI Video Editor which offers a more creative way of reliving the most precious moments by utilizing intelligently identified faces and moments from videos and creating highlight reels out of them.

Thanks to the Vivo Computation Acceleration Platform (VCAP), Jovi Image Recognizer is now faster and more accurate. It helps users categorize their albums, do smart searches within them, detect scenes, and group faces.

NEX 3 series is set to be available in APAC, SEA, and other markets in the coming months.


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