Google announced the new Live Caption feature that will be coming to select devices with Android 10. It detects speech in media (ex: A Video), and automatically generates captions, among other things.

The screenshots from an unreleased APK obtained from a Pixel 4 XL reveal the setup as pretty easy. Currently, it only works with English but more languages are “coming soon”. The feature is found under Accessibility, although it can also be accessed through the Sound panel.

One of the two available toggles in the Live Caption feature includes the ability to Mask Profanity which censors them with asterisks.


The XDA-Developer article included screenshots from YouTube, Google Photos, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. With so many other media apps out there, it will be interesting to see the unique feature at work (Spotify please?).

Live Caption is said to be done offline and no audio is stored. It will be available to “select, high-end devices”, which most likely include the upcoming Pixel 4 devices. We would like to see which other devices will get the new feature though.


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