Photo: GSMArena

Microsoft had a surprise up their sleeves today, as they ended their most recent product launch with an announcement of a foldable smartphone. Meet the Surface Duo.

Photo: GSMArena

Now, the thing is, this isn’t like those foldable phones we’ve seen from other OEMs. Instead, the Surface Duo is an Android Device that uses two 5.6-inch displays separated by a gap and surrounded by thick bezels.

Photo: GSMArena

While not much was mentioned about the device, Microsoft did confirm that the screens can be folded in both ways, that means facing outside, like a two-in-one or a typical smartphone, and inside, like a regular notebook.

Photo: GSMArena

Surface Duo is set for launch in 2020, so we’re not really sure if this concept will make it to production, or there’ll be some drastic changes along the way. In any case, it’s a good start.


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