The Redmi K20 Pro has impressed in DxOMark’s camera tests. The K20 Pro had an overall score of 102 which matches that of the Pixel 3 and a point ahead of the iPhone XR. The Redmi device is a more affordable smartphone compared to both devices.

The camera got a score of 108, putting it within arm’s reach of flagships from 2018 – the Galaxy Note 9 clocked in at 107 and the iPhone XS Max was at 110.

redmi k20 pro dxomark 2
Photo: GSMArena

The score of the Redmi K20 Pro was thanks to its triple camera setup of wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto sensors. Few phones at its price point have that to offer. However, it does suffer from limited dynamic range and occasional color issues.

The 2x telephoto camera was average but again, at its price range, it’s more than you can ask for. The ultrawide camera has a 12mm focal length, although, with the distortion correction feature activated, it drops to something closer to 15mm.

The camera of the Redmi K20 Pro struggled in the video department. The overall video garnered an 89, which is much lower than the 2018-2019 flagships.

Video aside, the DxOMark score proves that the Redmi K20 Pro can be a flagship killer in the camera department, offering roughly the same performance as the top dogs of the past year.

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