Xiaomi secured its in-display camera patent, granted on September 30 by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). It showed designs for a smartphone with dual cameras in its display.

Xiaomi In-Display Camera Patent
Photo: GSMArena

Xiaomi is just one of the few mobile brands that announced their plans for a camera that worked under the display of the phone. Along with Xiaomi, Samsung and Oppo have also revealed that they were working on the new tech.

Xiaomi In-Display Dual Selfie Camera Design
Photo: GSMArena

Depending on how the companies implement the technology, it may be a more reliable way to maximize screen-to-body ratio without a need for notches, hole punches, or pop-up modules. Especially with the latter hindering water and dust proofing due to its mechanisms.

This technology, in its current state works through a transparent display but this, of course, affects the image quality. It could be possible that we see the improved tech on mid-rangers or lower range before companies fully implement them on their flagship phones.

Xiaomi Design Front
Photo: GSMArena

We’ll just have to see if Xiaomi’s in-display camera patent allows them to release a phone with the said tech earlier than its competitors. One thing is certain, the design based on the report looks pretty good. We wouldn’t mind seeing this new tech if companies find a way to preserve the photo quality of the camera.


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