Xiaomi has revealed its plan of unveiling about a dozen new smartphones with 5G next year. With the company fearing that 4G just won’t be competitive, its plan includes both flagships and mid-rangers.

The 2020 company plan was revealed at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China by Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun. He also urged a faster 5G expansion from the telecoms.

Locally, the share of the company has been steadily dropping. Its Q2 share this year was at 11.8% from 13.9% a year prior. The drop in shares hasn’t stopped the company though as it’s in fact, struggling to meet the demand for Mi 9 Pro 5G.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G Titanium Black
Photo: GSMArena

Xiaomi has seen a steady rise in Europe with a nearly 9.5% market share compared last year’s 6.5%, making it one of the fastest-growing phone brands.

“People in the industry fear that next year 4G models won’t sell”, Lei said, quoted by Reuters.

With over 10 5G-enabled phones from Xiaomi, this could push other smartphone companies to do the same. Is 2020 the year of 5G?


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