Microsoft had its request for a trade license to continue trading with Huawei approved by the US Commerce Department. This was confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson to Reuters. As to what product exactly was approved, the Microsoft spokesperson didn’t detail.  It is, of course, believed to be the company’s operating system – Windows.

The Commerce Department revealed its intent to issue special trade licenses for US companies that want to trade with Huawei in July. The licenses would only cover components and software widely available. Nearly 300 US companies sent in requests, half of which were processed.

Huawei’s temporary general license to resume business ties with US companies for components that “do not pose a threat to US national security” was extended earlier this week.

microsoft-license-approved-huawei-2Microsoft might be a good step forward for Huawei as it bolsters their laptops but whether or not we get to see Google get a similar license is the bigger question.

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