A new device from Samsung – the Samsung W20 has been teased by China Telecom on its Weibo account. The new device has a foldable clamshell design with 5G support. The phone will hit the solely hit the Chinese market in November and is said to succeed the Samsung W2019.

Photo: GSMArena

The Samsung W20 5G was earlier spotted at a Chinese Expo in September with the name confirmed with the same teaser image.

This is, of course, the second foldable device from the Korean company and takes on a more classic clamshell form factor. Samsung released a teaser earlier this week which may just reveal how the W20 5G works.


A November launch of the new device with relatively new tech will be interesting especially since Samsung had to delay the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold due to issues. Whether or not the company has learned and executed a more refined folding design, is something we’ll have to see.

Along with the Samsung W20, Motorola is also reportedly holding its announcement of the new foldable Moto Razr this month. It will just be a matter of which company will get their phone out first.

We’re excited to see the two new foldable clamshell phones and how the companies execute it. We’ll just have to wait and see if any other brands jump on the foldable clamshell phone bandwagon. Huawei maybe? We hope to see these devices outside of China.


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