Dell unveiled the Alienware Concept UFO prototype at CES 2020, the company’s take on a handheld gaming device. The first that comes to mind is, of course, a bigger version of the Switch.

The Alienware Concept UFO is a bigger Switch that plays PC games. Like the Switch, the Concept UFO has two removable controllers on both sides of its 8-inch display. These controllers, once removed, can be attached together for a gamepad. In addition, the Concept UFO has a kickstand at the back which allows it to become a portable monitor.

In its announcement via, Dell’s Justin Lyles clarified that the UFO was a full pc experience and not just a gaming console. Booting up a game seemed straight forward with it having a game launcher within the device and then opening the game from there.


The Alienware Concept UFO, again, was shown just as a prototype device but looked very polished and with the aesthetics, Alienware has been known for. That said, it is still uncertain whether or not we’ll actually see this out in the market. The tech and design is definitely something to look forward to, especially as a pc gamer myself. Here’s to hoping that this opens even more doors to playing PC games on the go from a more portable device in the near future.


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