When it comes to gaming peripherals, ASUS ROG is a brand that’s usually on the go to list of consumers. Thanks to a great combination of quality and aesthetically pleasing products designed to make your setup shine (Their slogan even says it).

They’ve also made quite the progress in audio products – the Fusion series, the Centurion, which was a true 7.1 gaming headset, the Delta, and more. As you’ll notice, most or all of these are over ear headphones.

So it was such an exciting moment when we learned about the ROG Cetra – a pair of in-ear headphones that pack a promising set of features, one of which is Active Noise Cancelling. This headphone currently retails for PhP5,000.

Style In-Ear (Earbud)
Connector USB-C
Driver 10.8mm ASUS Essence Drivers
Microphone Omni-Directional
Impedance 16 Ohm
Frequency Response 20 ~ 40000Hz
Noise Cancellation Active Noise Cancellation
Cable Length 1.25m
Weight 26g
SRP PhP5,000
ROG Cetra (30)
ASUS ROG Cetra In-Ear Gaming Headphones Review
Our Verdict
As a gaming headset, the ROG Cetra does deliver a great audio experience - and may even give you that competitive edge, due to its accuracy. As a headset for music though, it's not bad, really, but the sound quality isn't really up to par with what you'd expect from a device at this price point. On the bright side, its noise cancelling feature works very well, it showcases good build quality, and its microphone also performs better than I expected. As for software, the amount of customization is great and all, but a mobile app would've made the deal sweeter. For its price of PhP5,000, this headset is actually priced well, for the features it offers. If you plan to use it solely for gaming, then it will do a good job. Otherwise, you may have to look somewhere else. Unless you're not picky with sound.
Design and Build Quality
Sound Quality
Comfort and Isolation
What's Good
Sturdy build quality
Well-implemented ANC
Accurate sound for gaming
Software offers a ton of options
Properly priced
What's Not
No mobile app
Sound quality for music falls short in detail
Highs can be too piercing

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