Nowadays, the convenience of online is everywhere – from banking, paying bills, online shopping, and food deliveries. It has become increasingly more important to keep data safe because of this.

Our friends from Google has shared some of their tips in keeping safe online in celebration of Data Privacy Day.

Use a unique password


Having a strong password is not only important with ATMs, it’s been increasingly more necessary online. A mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and even special symbols of at least eight characters should be a good practice. In addition, use different passwords for multiple accounts.


Google Password Manager helps manage and view passwords saved in Chrome or Android. It also allows a password checkup,

Use a recovery phone number or email


When available, make sure to add recovery information like a phone number or an email address. This helps in times when you forget your password or potential hacking, this notifies you each time new devices are added on your account.

Secure accounts with 2-step verification

google-online-safety-tips-2-step2-step verification is pretty handy as well. It adds an extra layer of protection to accounts by requiring a second code in order to log-in. This includes attempts to login to your account by other people.

Keep your software updated

google-online-safety-tips-updateUpdates are usually a good thing with developers working on better security. Whether enabling auto-update or just updating when notified, it is best sooner, rather than later.

Take the Google Security Checkup

google-online-safety-tips-security-checkupLastly, you can check the strength of your account’s privacy settings by visiting Google Security Checkup. Here Google analyzes the security status of your Google account as well as personalized guidance and actions.


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