In an alleged secret meeting at CES with partners and carrier customers, Samsung CEO DJ Koh was said to confirm the Galaxy Bloom and the Galaxy S20 series – Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy Bloom is reported to be the next foldable device from the Korean tech company. It was previously expected to have the name Galaxy Fold 2. A hastily shot photo was also leaked online to show the device.

Photo: GSMArena

The next foldable folds vertically as the company has taken inspiration from Lancome’s compacts. It is planned to be marketed for women in their 20s, explaining the name.

Instead of the plastic film, like that used in the Galaxy Fold, it will have an ultra-thin glass panel. The Galaxy Bloom is also reported to shoot 8K video, this will make it the first smartphone to do so. In addition, 4G and 5G versions are expected to be unveiled. The latter of which is pretty much expected.

The naming convention of the next Galaxy S flagship devices was also allegedly confirmed at the meeting by Koh. That being the S20 devices namely – Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra. The last of which is said to pack a 108MP main rear camera and 100x zoom. Like the Galaxy Bloom, the S20 series devices will also support 8K video recording.


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