During today’s Press Conference of Sony at CES 2020, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced a few updates about Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 5.

Sony Press Conference PlayStation 5 23According to Ryan, throughout the years, Sony has been committed to introducing generation technology and innovation leaps in every iteration of PlayStation. From PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 4, Sony has tried its best to make their ecosystem the best place to play.

Over the years, since PlayStation 4’s launch, from version 1.0 to Version 7.0, it has undergone several software updates and introduced new features.


Sony Press Conference PlayStation 5 21

During the launch, Ryan also announced several key sales figures of PlayStation 4. Since its launched, with its $106M Sales, it has surpassed the sales volume of the original PlayStation. Sony sold 1.15B PlayStation 4 games and 5M PS VR Units. Moreover, Sony also  announced that they have over 100M monthly active users (103M) and 38.8M PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Ryan, did not disappoint the audience when he officially unveiled new information about PlayStation 5 – its new logo, and confirmed hardware features:

  • 3D Audio Sound
  • Haptic/Adaptive Triggers
  • Ultra-HighSpeed SSD
  • Hardware-Based Ray Tracing
  • Ultra HD Blu-Ray

Sony Press Conference PlayStation 5 28

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