We know. The realme 5i has just been launched, and yet, the company doesn’t seem to be planning on slowing down anytime soon, as its alleged successor, the realme 6i, is now at the FCC, waiting to be certified. The device is named

realme 6i (5)
Photo: GSMArena

Consequently, alleged images of the actual phone have also surfaced, revealing a similar design to the 5i.

realme 6i (1)
Photo: GSMArena

One of the photos show the front of the phone, revealing its notched display.

realme 6i (2)
Photo: GSMArena

Another one shows the rear, which seems to have yet another quad camera setup, headed by what looks like a 40MP main sensor.

realme 6i (6)

Photo: GSMArenaThere’s even a photo of the charger, which says 5V 2A or 9V 2A.

realme 6i (3)
Photo: GSMArena

If these photos are accurate, then much of the changes will be in the internals. A better CPU and GPU perhaps? more RAM and storage? better optics? we’re excited to know.


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