The gaming brand of Xiaomi, Black Shark has the Black Shark 3 5G in the works as confirmed by the brand manager on Weibo. The post was in the form of a poll which asks about a 5G gaming phone’s battery and discharging cycle life.

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Photo: GSMArena

The poll had one only one right answer revealing the power cell of the Black Shark 3 5G. The answer was, of course ’65W + 5000mAh, 100% charge in 38 minutes, cycle life > 800′. The other three options refer to the batteries of the Huawei Mate X, Oppo Reno Ace, and IQOO 3, respectively.

The brand manager not only unveiled Black Shark 3 5G battery setup, he also revealed that its battery will be more durable than some of its competitors.

It was also leaked that the new Black Shark will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and a QHD panel of up to 120Hz refresh rate. In addition, it is expected that the new gaming phone will have 16GB RAM.


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