Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently posted more details on the soon-to-launch Black Shark 3, and its now confirmed, Pro version.

Black Shark 3 Pro - Weibo 1
Photo: Lei Jun on Weibo

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Dual battery (the motherboard is in the middle, the battery is placed on both sides), a new technology of string charging and placing.
4720mAh, 65W, charging up to 2780mAh in 15 minutes.
Pro version 5000mAh.
(1) Fast charging, especially for the first 15 minutes, suitable for quick charging.
(2) The number of battery charging cycles has been greatly increased.
(3) Charging with magnet on the back, playing games while charging.

For the player, the black shark really broke the heart!
Released March 3.

According to his post, the vanilla variant of the Black Shark 3 houses a 4,720mAh battery, while the Pro version will have a larger 5,000mAh power pack. There’s also 65W charging, which he claims can deliver up to 60% charge in just 15 minutes.

Black Shark 3 Pro - Weibo 3
Photo: Lei Jun on Weibo

He also said that the number of battery cycles has been greatly increased, which means it’ll probably last longer, and another interesting thing: “Charging with magnet on the back.”

Black Shark 3 Pro - Weibo 2

The Black Shark 3 was also shown with a magnetic port at the back. This will supposedly connect with a special attachment, allowing you to game comfortably while charging. For faster charging, it will still retain a USB-C port.

There are only a few days left before the official launch, and we can’t wait to find out more about Xiaomi’s upcoming gaming monster!

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