Cherry Mobile has just announced that five devices in its Flare series are available with Home Credit until March 31, 2020. The devices that are included are the Flare X3, Flare S8 Deluxe, Flare S8 Max, Flare S8 Plus, and Flare Y7 Pro.

With Home Credit, you can purchase these Cherry Mobile devices in installment for as low as PHP 693 per month.


The Flare X3 and Flare S8 Plus are the two phones on the higher of the price point but still remaining under PHP 15,000. The Flare S8 Plus was unveiled at just PHP 12,900 while the X3 was launched at PHP 9,999.

If you were looking for some of these devices for whatever reason, now is the best time to actually think of getting them.

For more details, go to your nearest Cherry Mobile store.

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