Huawei has been on the US’ list of entities for quite a while now, and that prevents it from using US-related tech. The most notable perhaps is Google’s Mobile Services.

Now, reports have surfaced that the company from Mountain View has already applied for a license that would allow it to continue doing business with the Chinese tech giant. Basically what Microsoft did (and was given an exemption).

If the license will be granted, Huawei will be able to update its devices with GMS. Currently, the company is placing its hopes on Huawei Mobile Services, which, while promising, is still not a complete alternative.

For now, some users are able to sideload GMS on Huawei devices, though the company is against such practice, as they claim it leaves a vulnerability to threats, such as fake Google apps.

As to whether the license will be granted, we’ll have to see.


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