The Y9s runs on the same processor as the Y9 Prime – the Kirin 710F. Of course, a lot of you will probably argue that this chip is kind of outdated for a device in 2020, and that it should be running on the newer Kirin 810, and actually, I do agree, to an extent.

Its AnTuTu score puts it just below the HONOR 9, and ahead of the Samsung Galaxy A51. What’s interesting is that it’s also very close to the realme 3 Pro, which has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710.

The device packs 6GB of RAM, which is more than enough even for heavy multi-tasking, and an ample 128GB of storage.

For our gaming test, we used GameBench to measure median FPS and stability, as well as estimated uptime.

Mobile Legends

MLBB supports Ultra + HD Mode + HFR Mode, and even with all those settings ON, things are still pretty smooth and fluid. You’ll be able to play an estimated 26.8 hours of MLBB on this phone in a single charge.

CoD Mobile

Unfortunately, CoD Mobile only supports Low setting + Medium FPS, possibly due to the game not being optimized for the processor. The game is very much playable, but not as fluid as what you’ll get on higher FPS settings.

You’ll be able to play an estimated 13.4 hours of CoD Mobile on this phone in a single charge.

Huawei Y9s (23)
Huawei Y9s Review
Our Verdict
The Huawei Y9s delivers in basically all departments, and exudes the signature quality that Huawei devices offer. It looks and feels premium, it performs more than well enough for basic day to day tasks and even a bit of gaming, its various cameras allow it to adapt to various shooting conditions, and with good quality by the way. Software pretty much covers the basics and is optimized, and battery life is stellar. Some things could be better of course. The lack of Face Unlock is bewildering, and a newer processor would've made it an even better deal. Still, for its PhP13,990 price tag, it's a well-rounded device, and proves that you really don't need to spend a ton of money for a good quality device.
What's Good
Premium look and feel
Great day-to-day performance
Highly flexible camera system
Photo quality is more than decent
Well-optimized software
Great battery life
Good price
What's Not
A newer processor would've been great
Lack of face unlock could be a deal breaker to some

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