At the time of writing this review, our unit was running EMUI 9.1 on top of Android 9, so you get the usual features that we’ve come to love.

Smart resolution lets the phone decide when to automatically reduce or increase screen resolution depending on what you’re doing. Digital Balance, which allows you to monitor app usage, restrict app access when you’re sleeping, and set your daily screen time.

You’re given the traditional suite of authentication methods, plus fingerprint (which works fast by the way). There’s no option for Face Unlock, which can be a letdown to some.

Performance-wise, the UI runs smooth and fluid when navigating home screens as well as menus. Opening apps are quick enough, and switching from one to the other is seamless.

Huawei Y9s (23)
Huawei Y9s Review
Our Verdict
The Huawei Y9s delivers in basically all departments, and exudes the signature quality that Huawei devices offer. It looks and feels premium, it performs more than well enough for basic day to day tasks and even a bit of gaming, its various cameras allow it to adapt to various shooting conditions, and with good quality by the way. Software pretty much covers the basics and is optimized, and battery life is stellar. Some things could be better of course. The lack of Face Unlock is bewildering, and a newer processor would've made it an even better deal. Still, for its PhP13,990 price tag, it's a well-rounded device, and proves that you really don't need to spend a ton of money for a good quality device.
What's Good
Premium look and feel
Great day-to-day performance
Highly flexible camera system
Photo quality is more than decent
Well-optimized software
Great battery life
Good price
What's Not
A newer processor would've been great
Lack of face unlock could be a deal breaker to some

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