Platinum Games has been on a roll as of late. From the massively successful Kickstarter for Wonderful 101 to the recent release of the Bayonetta and Vanquish remasters, Platinum Games have been busy and this latest trailer shows us a teaser of their latest project, only known for now as Project G.G.

Check out the trailer below:



Platinum Games will start self-publishing their works and Project G.G. will be kicking that off for them. There’s not much to be said about Project G.G. for now except that it’s going to be the third (and final) game in Kamiya’s superhero trilogy, obviously referring to Viewtiful Joe and Wonderful 101 as the first 2. Based on the trailer, it’s looking to be somewhat inspired by Ultraman, so things could get pretty exciting!

For now, we’ll wait to see what Kamiya and the rest of Platinum Games have in store for us and if involves any of their trademark gameplay, then count us in already.

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