Leaks of a TCL concept phone that the company was supposedly going to showcase at MWC 2020 have surfaced. The biggest highlight of the concept phone is a slide-out display.

Yes, you read that right, slide-out. Not folding, slide-out.

Photo: GSMArena

We know this because images have been leaked and despite the images, it’s still pretty perplexing how the company implemented this. It looks like a sexy phone but also stretches out to expand the display.

Photo: GSMArena

The right side of the phone houses what looks like dual camera front cameras in a punch-hole, four cameras on the back, and a USB-C port at the bottom. The quad-cameras are set up vertically and it is the right side of the phone that slides out to offer a wider display.

It’s pretty hard to tell how this works just based on the leaked photos. With MWC already cancelled, hands-on will be likely out of the picture unless the company launches it with an event of its own.

Photo: GSMArena

When the name TCL is mentioned, I personally, think of televisions. A phone as unique as the unnamed TCL concept phone has piqued my interest and if executed well enough, may bring even more interest in the company’s smartphones. I hope we somehow get to see the phone in action, even if just a video from the company.


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