The Resident Evil franchise has survived for quite a while now, just like its zombies. The whole series spans 4 generations of consoles with multiple titles under its portfolio and as of the current generation, a whole mix of remasters and remakes have already made it’s way back into our lives in stunning HD.

One Reddit user by the name of The Kosmic Kollector imagines what it would be like to have a full Resident Evil Collection, spanning all titles from Resident Evil 0 up to 7 as well as Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2.

Peep the artwork below:

It is not, by any means, complete since there are obvious omissions like Code Veronica among others, but this is almost as complete as you’re gonna get as far as the main line numbered series is concerned.

I’d by lying if I said that I wouldn’t buy this if it came out. In fact, Capcom PLEASE pick this up and release the damn collection. Again. So everyone can buy it. Again.

Would you buy something like this if it came out?

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