Doom Eternal releases in a few days and if the early reviews are anything to go by, then fans of the installment from 2016 will be in for a treat.

Based on 17 critic reviews as of this writing, Doom Eternal is averaging a score of 87 on Metacritic, hovering on an 8.5-9 average across all outfits.



The Sixth Axis gives it a perfect score, saying “Doom Eternal doesn’t just set the bar, it breaks it. Many of the best games of the FPS genre do what has already been done, and can do it really, really well, but Doom Eternal does what no other game has done before, crafting a fast-paced power fantasy that sets your brain cells on fire. It’s an addictive exploration of the mythic Doomslayer character that delivers hours of blood-drenched fun, dozens of memorable collectibles, and a fan-pleasing story book-ended with gorgeous worlds and unforgettable music. Doom Eternal is a ripping, tearing masterpiece.”

Push Square gives a 9, highlighting it as “one of the best FPS campaigns of all time. The way it weds fast-paced, sensational action with gratifying platforming makes for a single player experience that will be remembered as one of the PS4’s very best. And with a smooth frame rate to boot alongside the phenomenal feeling of handling any one of the game’s weapons, id Software has truly outdone itself. DOOM Eternal is outstanding.”

Twinfinite likewise gives a 9, pushing Doom Eternal as something that “is far more than gore, double jumps, and brutal executions. It’s an impeccably designed game that perfectly balances every single aspect of its action to create one of the most challenging, exhausting, and consistently fun shooters in years.”

Doom Eternal is scheduled to release on March 20 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia.

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