It’s not often that you find someone as charismatic as Kenny Omega also be a gamer like Kenny Omega. In fact, Kenny Omega is one of a kind, and is just the perfect person to interview Final Fantasy 7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase. A one on one dream match, if you will.

Peep the full 23 minute interview below as Kitase-san answers some tough questions from Omega:


Omega asks a lot of Final Fantasy 7 questions which lead to very interesting answers such as Cloud being his favorite character and Sephiroth being, in his mind, the greatest JRPG villain of all time.

Interesting to note that Omega himself proves to be a true blue gamer, even interjecting his own thoughts like how Kefka might be a more popular villain, among others.

You’ll want to stick around until the end because Omega asks something interesting about one certain classic entitled Parasite Eve!

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