We Filipinos love our games. We play the heck out of them, aggressively trade them for new titles, and everything else in between. We simply love gaming.

For some, games are meant to be collected and shared with the community and in the case of the Retrogamerph Store, they’ve amassed quite the collection to build a life sized throne from actual game carts.

Yes, you read correctly, a literal Throne of Games.



Best thing about this creation? It’s study enough to actually SIT ON, making it a real life throne for aspiring Lannisters and Starks out there.

Retrogamerph Store is one of, if not the most well known game stores in the Philippines among the retro gaming community. Their shop is located in Caloocan City and while it is quite a ways away from the metro, they are regularly frequented by retro gaming enthusiasts for their massive collection of retro games and systems which you can purchase, similar to Super Potato in Japan.

The owner of the store, Erwin Esteban, is a big personality in the community. Often called by the nickname “Chairman”, his passion for collecting is off the charts and has quite a number of gems that would make any collector green with envy. By creating the Throne, he’s now literally the Chairman of his own domain.

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Retrogamerph also regularly organizes events for the retro gaming community or RGCP as more famously known among members wherein attendees can talk about all things retro gaming and be able to buy and sell their wares.

If by any chance you’re in the area, make it a point to pay the Chairman a visit, pick up a game or two, and take a seat on the Iron Thro… Plastic Throne.

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