Extraordinary times demand extraordinary mobile streaming service. Just today, popular streaming platform, Netflix, started offering Mobile-only streaming plan for Filipinos.

The new plan allows users to stream the library of movies and TV series of Netflix in standard definition for only PhPP149/month. This is an interesting offer, especially at this time when staying at home is considered among the best ways to preventing being exposed to COVID-19. This is a good way of encouraging more subscribers to the streaming service.

In fact, a purchase of 3 mobile-only subscription plan is still cheaper than Netflix’s Basic plan. This means that if the average number of users in a household is not more than 3, a mobile-only subscription plan is far more economical.

While the service is only limited to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), there’s one big catch – you won’t be able to cast your phone to your TV or casting device. You won’t also be able to use your Type C to HDMI cable to cast it to your TV. This is something that you should know before downgrading your current plan or subscribing in the first place. Netflix made it sure that the system can’t be cheated.

What do you guys think about this new plan? Are you finally subscribing to Netflix? Or, are you going to downgrade your existing plan (para makatipid)?

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