These days, being extra careful in keeping your smartphone clean is critical especially since it’s the everyday driver that we rely on for a ton of activities.

Best tips you can do to keep your phones sanitizedA study published last February 2020 under the Journal of Hospital Infection confirms that viruses such as COVID-19 are able to survive for up to nine days on smooth surfaces, that includes the screen on a smartphone.

Sanitation is key in keeping clean and safe, making it particularly relevant for Filipinos who are very active smartphone users. Aside from constantly washing your hands with soap and water as advised by the World Health Organization, make sure to practice the following tips on properly and safely cleaning your phone, highly recommended by OPPO Philippines.


6 tips to keep your phones sanitized - 1

These simple ways have been proven to significantly reduce the number of bacteria found on a smartphone’s surface, as seen in this study, and as demonstrated by Dr. Lena Ciric, a microbiologist from University College London.

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