With an aim of making 5G technology accessible to more consumers, Xiaomi has recently announced the Mi 10 Lite, a 5G smartphone that only costs €350.

Mi 10 Lite 2
Photo: GSMArena

The Mi 10 Lite has a 6.57-inch AMOLED display and runs on a Snapdragon 765G. There’s no mention of how much RAM it has, but our guess is at least 8GB. For storage, it’s either 64GB or 128GB.

Mi 10 Lite
Photo: GSMArena

Xiaomi revealed that the device uses a 48MP main sensor in a quad-camera setup, though details about the rest are yet to be confirmed. They did mention some features like Shoot Steady, Pro Mode and something called “AI Dynamic Skyscaping.”

The device packs a 4,160mAh battery with 20W fast wired charging.


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