Perhaps the biggest upgrade to the Galaxy S20 series is in the camera department – both the S20+ and S20 Ultra now pack quad-camera systems, while the regular S20 retains a triple camera setup.

The S20+ boasts the same setup as the S20 Ultra, except that it doesn’t have the 108MP sensor, but opts for a 12MP shooter instead. You get a 12MP ultra-wide snapper, a 64MP telephoto module, and Samsung’s Depth Vision camera.

S20+ Camera Sample (88)


S20+ Camera Sample (43)

S20+ Camera Sample (4)

Quality-wise, the punchiness of colors, crispness, sharpness, and amount of detail it’s able to capture is no less than impressive.

S20+ Camera Sample (17)S20+ Camera Sample (15)S20+ Camera Sample (57)

S20+ Camera Sample (60)It’s able to produce a well-refined bokeh effect with superb separation between the subject and background. At times, I don’t even have to use Live Focus.

S20+ Camera Sample (65)Speaking of which, the AI does seem to miss some sections that should not be blurred out when using Live Focus on a wide-angle shot.

S20+ Camera Sample (34)S20+ Camera Sample (94)Wide-angle shots allow for more in the frame but show a decrease in detail, and exposure could also use some work.

S20+ Camera Sample (3)S20+ Camera Sample (50)S20+ Camera Sample (49)S20+ Camera Sample (33)S20+ Camera Sample (139)Perhaps one of the most impressive things about this camera system is the macro camera, which produces unbelievably detailed images up close. In other devices, the macro lens is more like a gimmick, but in the S20+, it’s not.

S20+ Camera Sample (70)S20+ Camera Sample (68)S20+ Camera Sample (69)The S20+ has a dedicated Night Mode, which allows it to capture low-light photos with a decent amount of detail. It’s not as good as say, the Mate 30 Pro, but it’s good enough.

S20+ Camera Sample (103)S20+ Camera Sample (104)Selfies also show good separation and edge-detection, and the bokeh effect also looks very convincing. You can also set it to wide, to include more in the frame.

While the device doesn’t have the 100x zoom of the Ultra, it can still do up to 30x which, while certainly not something you’ll use every day, is still quite a feat. The quality? for a photo that’s zoomed-in, i’d say it’s above-average.

There’s also a new feature called Single Take, in which the camera will create variations of your shot, so you can choose which one is the best.

Galaxy S20+ Unit Photo (54)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ Review: What Most Should Go For
Our Verdict
Camera (Photo)
Camera (Video)
What's Good
Still has one of the best displays
High Refresh Rate
Good Gaming Performance
Feature-packed software
Versatile and very capable cameras
Great battery life when using standard refresh rate
What's Not
Wide-angle image quality could be better
Low light image quality could be better
High refresh rate is limited to 1080p resolution
Ultra steady video is limited to 1080p resolution
More control on slow motion video recording would be great
Battery life on high refresh rate could be better

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