It looks like Samsung is focusing on content creators for the S20 series as well. Features such as Super Steady Video, Live Focus Video, and of course, 8K video recording among others.

Super Steady Video effectively minimizes shakes on abrupt movements for a smoother output.


8K video recording is what I’d consider as a niche feature since not everyone has an 8K TV anyway, but it’s good if you want a bit of future-proofing. Quality-wise, it’s pretty decent. It would be best to use this feature during the day. (The video above has been scaled down to 1080p at the time of writing).

Live Focus Video, on the other hand, is literally applying a depth of field effect on a video. A great feature to have, but certainly not as refined, as the camera tends to lose focus a lot.

Of course, we can’t forget about super slow-motion video, which on the S20+ is pretty good, and could’ve been better if you had control over the video, say, you want this part to be at just normal speed, and another portion at slow-motion, rather than having the entire video on slow-motion.

The S20+ also lets you capture 4K 60fps videos (even with the front camera), which I think is the sweet spot in terms of file size and quality. Also, it lets you put that 4K TV of yours to good use.

Galaxy S20+ Unit Photo (54)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ Review: What Most Should Go For
Our Verdict
Camera (Photo)
Camera (Video)
What's Good
Still has one of the best displays
High Refresh Rate
Good Gaming Performance
Feature-packed software
Versatile and very capable cameras
Great battery life when using standard refresh rate
What's Not
Wide-angle image quality could be better
Low light image quality could be better
High refresh rate is limited to 1080p resolution
Ultra steady video is limited to 1080p resolution
More control on slow motion video recording would be great
Battery life on high refresh rate could be better

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