Samsung’s OneUI 2.1 introduces a more minimalist approach to design. From the icons to the menus. Performance-wise, the UI runs smooth and fluid without any stutters. It seems to be well-optimized.

Galaxy S20+ Unit Photo (14)The software now allows for a system-wide Dark Mode, in case you want a fresh new look and well, a bit of battery-saving. You also get Microsoft Apps pre-loaded and other useful features such as screen recording.

Galaxy S20+ Unit Photo (34)Game Launcher serves as a central hub for all installed games and also lets you change the performance profile via the Game Booster settings menu.


Galaxy S20+ Unit Photo (19)Samsung Pass is also another useful feature, especially if you have a ton of passwords to remember. It takes away the need to input them every time you log on to an app.

Galaxy-S20-Unit-Photo-28The Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor in the S20+ is well, not the fastest out there, but it’s fast enough that it’s not annoying. I still prefer Face Unlock though.

MS Integration - View Phone ScreenThanks to improved integration with Windows, you can connect the S20+ to a Windows PC and control it from there using the “Your Phone” app.

MS Integration - PhotosYou can also view photos, send messages, and even answer calls. It does take a bit of time to set up, as it requires permissions and the notifications for these don’t always appear on the phone the first time.

DeX - DesktopIf you want a PC-Like experience, you can also use Samsung DeX, which basically launches a PC-like interface on top of your Windows Desktop (If you use the Windows App). You can also connect your phone to a monitor to do this, but you’ll need a dedicated cable.

DeX - SettingsDeX mode allows you to basically use your phone as if you’re using a PC. The interface can be navigated using your PC’s mouse and keyboard.

DeX - PhotosWhile in DeX mode, you can do the usual tasks using the interface – open apps, open your gallery, check your notifications, and more.

DeX - Drag and Drop FilesNeed to transfer files? no problem. You can easily drag and drop files from your desktop to the DeX interface and vice versa.

DeX - NotificationsAs far as performance is concerned, the DeX interface isn’t the snappiest out there, you’ll definitely notice micro stutters when say, scrolling through apps. But it’s more than usable.

DeX - AppsTo use Samsung DeX on top of Windows 10, you’ll need to download the corresponding app from the Samsung DeX website. Setting things up only takes a few seconds, just open the app, connect your phone, and let the app do its magic.

Galaxy S20+ Unit Photo (54)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ Review: What Most Should Go For
Our Verdict
Camera (Photo)
Camera (Video)
What's Good
Still has one of the best displays
High Refresh Rate
Good Gaming Performance
Feature-packed software
Versatile and very capable cameras
Great battery life when using standard refresh rate
What's Not
Wide-angle image quality could be better
Low light image quality could be better
High refresh rate is limited to 1080p resolution
Ultra steady video is limited to 1080p resolution
More control on slow motion video recording would be great
Battery life on high refresh rate could be better

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