Galaxy S20+ Unit Photo (24)The Galaxy S20+ is perhaps the S20 that most average users should go for. While it’s true that it doesn’t have some of the features that the S20 Ultra offers, do remember that that device costs PhP14,000 more.

You also won’t be left hanging, as it offers more than the regular S20. You still get a high refresh rate screen and good overall performance.

As for its cameras, I’m totally impressed, especially by the Macro lens. The overall quality as well as the versatility, and all the features you’ll need to be creative with your content are there. It’s not perfect, as some features still need a bit of work, but perhaps most of them can be resolved by an update.


The improved integration with Windows is also a plus. Add DeX to the mix, and you have a device that can give you a mobile and desktop user experience without a ton of setting to tweak.

On the flip side, the huge camera bump may be annoying to some, and the average battery life when using a high refresh rate, and the fact that you can only use it at FHD+, also does not sound appealing.

Unless you really need that 100x Zoom, or the slightly larger display and battery of the S20 Ultra, I’d say the S20+ is the sweet spot in the entire S20 series.

Galaxy S20+ Unit Photo (54)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ Review: What Most Should Go For
Our Verdict
Camera (Photo)
Camera (Video)
What's Good
Still has one of the best displays
High Refresh Rate
Good Gaming Performance
Feature-packed software
Versatile and very capable cameras
Great battery life when using standard refresh rate
What's Not
Wide-angle image quality could be better
Low light image quality could be better
High refresh rate is limited to 1080p resolution
Ultra steady video is limited to 1080p resolution
More control on slow motion video recording would be great
Battery life on high refresh rate could be better

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