vivo appsRunning out of fun activities for the family during the enhanced community quarantine? No need to worry, as Vivo has recently shared a list of app that you can enjoy with loved ones to fight off boredom.

Spaceteam (Free)

This game involves teamwork, quick reading and listening skills, and lots of shouting. Two to eight players will operate a spaceship by following on-screen instructions to successfully traverse space while avoiding asteroids and wormholes in the process.


The catch is that while each player has a unique set of controls, time-sensitive instructions to your controls will only be directed to any of your teammate’s screens.

Heads Up (Free, in-app purchases)

With several categories to choose from, players will take turns holding their phones on their foreheads as the app flashes words that the beholder must guess. The player opposite the screen helps the other player guess the word by shouting clues, doing accents, or by acting the word out.

Out of the Loop (Free, in-app purchases)

A 5 to 9 player game that presents a secret word to all but one participant – the one who’s deemed “out of the loop” by the app. All players then proceed to answer questions about the word, with a vigilant ear to try and guess who they think is out of the loop.

The challenge is for the person left out to try their best not to be obvious and pretend to be in the know.

Monopoly (PhP199)

The mobile version of the popular board game allows a maximum of 4 players to sharpen their business minds in an attempt to bankrupt each other.

Exploding Kittens (PhP99)

The nerve-wracking, hostility-inducing card game is available for mobile devices as well. Gather around and enjoy a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette with the entire family as the game allows for a maximum of 5 players.

TikTok (Free)

Those who want to shed off some quarantine-induced weight, showcase their talents, and simply have with the family can try TikTok, the latest and top destination for short creative videos.

Family members can use the app to show off their dance moves, acting skills, humor, and creativity. They can also follow @vivo_philippines to check out exciting content from the brand.

So what are you waiting for? strategize, have a good launch, dance, and bond with your family by downloading these apps through the vivo app store, which is pre-installed in all vivo smartphones.



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