Working and helping from home is now the new norm. While most people are focused on “meeting” at home, some are focused on broadcasting and evangelizing remotely. This is where XSplit Premium comes in.

In a blog posted by John Howe Marshall, Chief Marketing Officer for SplitmediaLabs Limited, XSplit Broadcasting and XSplit VCam (under XSplit Premium license) are free for 12 months exclusively for non-profit organizations. This move brings tremendous help for the said organizations to use the applications to carry out their missions and tasks despite being quarantined at their respective places.

What are the requirements?


According to the blog posted by Marshall, “Those who are interested in getting started with streaming can send an email to non-profit[at]xsplit[dot]com, and a member of our team will get back to you.” Just replace the [at] with @.

I suggest that you prepare a photocopy of your SEC registration as proof of non-profit organization. If you’re a parish priest of a Diocese, SplitmediaLabs can issue a team license to your Dioceses and each parish priests (1 per parish) will be provided an access so you can use it simultaneously.

A Sample Scenario

An ideal scenario for this is the live broadcasting of Holy Mass of the Catholic Church. Our team, Gadget Pilipinas, is in fact currently in talks with one of the dioceses in the Philippines that signified their intention of using XSplit premium for 12 months. In this scenario, Splitmedialabs, the makers of XSplit Premium, will grant team license to the diocese and register parish priests as users. This allows the priests to broadcast their celebration of the Holy Mass simultaneously.

This is just one of the sample scenarios of using XSplit premium. I encourage non-profit organizations to take this opportunity.

Simple and Short Training will be offered by Blip Media for free

Since we’re under Blip Media Digital Marketing Consultancy Inc., we’re offering free training for up to 40 members of your organization using Discord. Once you have acquired a team license from SplitmediaLabs, you may contact us and we can help you in training your representatives for free.

How about other organizations?

A 3-month license of XSplit Premium is $24.95. We currently offer 10% discount if you use the code “XSPLITXGP“. Of course, I encourage you to try out their products yet before jumping into the premium version. Don’t forget to use our code so you can get that sweet discount when you upgrade to 3-month or even the lifetime package.


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