AirPods StudioA number of companies have released their own pair of Over-Ear design headphones with some form of Noise Cancelling – HONOR, Razer, and more.

Now, it’s been reported that Apple is also working on its own over-ear headphones named AirPods Studio (I think I’ve heard that term somewhere), set to launch before the first half of 2020 ends.

In that regard, the company’s supplier of AirPods has reportedly started the production of the device, which reveals a possibility of an announcement at WWDC, scheduled in June.


Not much as been confirmed about its features, but rumors point to a $349 price tag and multiple variants with different materials, and an interchangeable band padding. Sensors can reportedly detect when you’re wearing the device, and can also automatically switch audio channels from left to right and vice-versa.

Well, June is just a week away, so we’ll probably see more details as announcement date nears.


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