Smart LTE Upgrade (1)Smart recently rolled out a simpler and safer process for customers to upgrade their SIM’s to LTE while also protecting them from cyberscams.

To keep customers safe, Smart has introduced a PIN-less process for its LTE Upgrade SIM so that subscribers will no longer need a PIN to upgrade their non-LTE SIM.

The company has also added another layer of security between the phone and the SIM to make sure that the request is coming from the owner.


The security enhancements are very timely, as there have been reports of an increase in fraudulent activities such as SIM-hijacking since the start of the ECQ.

SIM-hijacking happens when hackers transfer their victim’s SIM mobile number to another SIM to steal his or her mobile identity and access sensitive accounts.

Typically, this is done by tricking the victim to send a PIN request and give them the One-Time Password to activate a new SIM in their possession and then take over their victim’s banking, email, and online accounts.

Such tactics have now been effectively blocked by the new process for LTE SIM upgrades.

Mobile users can check if their Smart SIM is LTE-ready by texting SIMCHECK to 5832 for FREE.

Smart subscribers can avail of the LTE Upgrade SIM at Smart Stores, Sun Shops, malls, convenience stores, telco shops, and partner retailers nationwide.

They may also have the SIM delivered to their homes through the Smart Online Store at

Subscribers are advised to stay vigilant and never give any sensitive information to any stranger. Smart representatives will never ask for their One-Time Password. To report suspected SIM-hijacking incidents, Smart subscribers can call *888.

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