With a number of brands jumping into the foldable market, it won’t be surprising to see a company such as Xiaomi following suit. The company has reportedly patented a clamshell design which also allows for the top section to be rotated.

mi clamshell 1The design shows a hinge on the center, which signifies the fact that it is a foldable phone. Four holes up top – most likely a quad camera setup.

mi clamshell 2What’s interesting is that the design also involves a rotating mechanism for the top section, which means you’ll be able to use the rear cameras for typical stills and selfies.

mi clamshell 3While the idea of using the rear cameras for selfies isn’t new (Remember the Zenfone 6?), the way it’s executed here is quite different, as it involves rotating a larger part of the top section.

mi clamshell 4While the bottom section of the device isn’t showcased, we could clearly see the buttons on the side, as well as the protruding camera module.

Of course, this isn’t assurance that we’ll be seeing a folding phone from Xiaomi, but it’s at least a glimpse into what the company is thinking.


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