Mi AirDots 2 SE - 2In order to cover a broader market, Xiaomi recently unveiled the Mi AirDots 2 SE, which is basically the AirDots 2s True Wireless Earbuds, only toned-down and more affordable.

Mi AirDots 2 SE - 1For calls, Mi AirDots 2 SE boasts Environmental Noise Cancellation using two microphones. It supports AAC, Bluetooth 5, but not LHDC, a high-definition codec. Battery life is rated at 5 hours per charge, plus an additional 20 hours with the case which charges via a USB-C port.

The device supports touch controls as well as wear detection, which means playback will automatically be paused as soon as you take them off your ears and then resume when they’re worn.


Thanks to improved integration with devices that run on MIUI, the buds will automatically connect to your phone once you open the case. You’ll also be able to monitor the battery level for each bud.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about the AirDots 2 SE, is its price. It will retail for CNY 170, which is less than half the price of the AirDots 2s.


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