I’ve been trying out the VIVO V19 for several days now for gaming and content creation. For a midrange device, it’s souped up specs is something that gamers would definitely get gamers’ heart pounding.

I don’t want to be too technical but just to give you an idea of its specifications, it is powered with an 8-core processor with diverse maximum clock speed. To be exact, it has 2 Kyro 460 Gold operating at 2.0Ghz, and 6 Kyro 460 Silver operating at 1.7Ghz. Complementing its processor is 8GB RAM and Adreno 612. With the specs that vivo V19 Neo offers, you are assured that you can play AAA title with little to no issues at all.

vivo v19 neo 1Today, we’re going to share with you 5 AAA Android games that we’re playing on vivo V19 Neo. We tested this on our device so we will be able to share with you our gameplay experience with it.


NBA 2K20

2K21 is almost upon us but this sports title is still one of the best ones to try on midrange to premium devices. I am starting of with this one since this is the most requested title that our readers and viewers want us to play on the smartphones we’re reviewing. While this game has multiplayer mode, you can definitely enjoy playing this game by yourself.

vivo v19 neo 8NBA 2K20 is quite a demanding game. While playing this game, you will notice that there’s a lot of things happening in the background, not to mention that there are 9 AI and 1 player controlled character in the court. Combine everything together and you have a game that’s made to “destroy” some budget smartphones.

The game automatically sets itself to be optimized on your smartphone. In the case of vivo V19 Neo, object reflection or ambient occlusion, character movement fluidity, anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing look really good and almost at par when this game is played on other premium smartphones. Resolution is maxed out to almost fill the entire screen. The camera cutout isn’t getting in the way too.

The game is very much playable at the settings below. You will notice performance dip as you adjust each setting.

  • Stadium: Medium
  • Reflection: Low
  • Shadow: Low
  • Player: Medium
  • Cloth simulation: Off
  • Crowd: Low
  • Sideline: Medium
  • Depth of field: Off
  • Uniform: Ultra High


Yup! We’re including this in the list because your phone will likely be borrowed by your kid to play this game. Microsoft has heavily invested on Mojang to make this game playable across multiple platforms. With RTX worlds available in Minecraft for Windows Beta, it’s a striking proof that Microsoft and Mojang are on both on deck to further improve the game, moving forward.

vivo v19 neo 7Anyway, Minecraft is playable across various Android device but only if certain video settings are disabled. In my case, I tried to max everything out and also turned on Fancy Bubbles and Fancy Graphics and maxed the chunks to 32 to stress test the device. With this setting, I was getting around 18-27fps, which is still acceptable since I maxed out all the settings. At default and optimized settings, expect to play from 47 to 60fps. Note that gameplay experience changes as your world expands and get busier.

As a midrange chipset, Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 managed to live up to my expectations as a good-chipset for the price.

Titan Quest

I got so excited when Iron Lore Entertainment ported this game from PC to Android. The game has Low Graphics settings available in settings, but I didn’t have to enable it because this game works perfectly on vivo V19 Neo.

vivo v19 neo 6There isn’t much video settings to adjust and tweak so playing the game is simple and direct as you tap the icon. Character movement is smooth and the colors of the game on vivo V19 neo’s 6.44-inch Super AMOLED Display. The latter is one of V19 Neo’s winning features, and at the end of the day you’ll have to pick between getting a device with Super AMOLED device or another one with high refresh rate.

vivo v19 neo 4Playing games on vivo V19 Neo is both fun and rewarding. I get to stay entertained and amazed at the same time while I play these single player games. There is still a lot of games out there that I’d like to try out with this device. I’d love to know in the comments section below the games you have been playing.

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