Ahead of the launch of KOF Final Battle – AllStar in the Philippines, we were given an opportunity to ask VNG Game Studios Representative, Phạm Duy Cường a few questions. We took the time to ask about their plans in the Philippines and so much more.

VNG Gaming Studios is a Vietnamese group of game studios founded in April 2007. The company is a subsidiary of VNG Corporation, an internet company and famous game publisher/developer in Vietnam. Among their games include Dead Target: Zombie, Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise in addition to publishing games like MU Strongest and Auto Chess VNG.

vng-kof-final-battle-allstar-2KOF Final Battle – AllStar is a card-battle strategy mobile game based on characters from The King of Fighters, The Last Blade, and Samurai Shodown. It features characters like King of Fighters’ Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard, Samurai Showdown’s Naokoruru, and The Last Blade’s Lee Rekka, to name a few. It is the first game the company is releasing locally in the Philippines. This had us thinking why the company decided to publish here and more specifically why KOF Final Battle – AllStar.

“The Philippines is a potential market in the game industry, due to the big number of gamers and their enthusiasm. Aside from that, Philippine gamers and Vietnamese gamers do share the same memory with the classic fighting game series as King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, or The Last Blade,” said Phạm Duy Cường.

vng-kof-final-battle-allstar-ukyo-tachibanaThe game is not only interesting for fans of the card-battle strategy genre but also fans of the different franchises included in the game. Because of this we couldn’t help but ask how they plan to bring together the different communities.

Phạm Duy Cường answered, “The Facebook group of KOF Final Battle – AllStar has more than 1000 active members. This is a good start for both VNG and KOF Final Battle – AllStar’s community. We’ll continue to organize more activities there as well as our fan page, to connect our gamers and together we can grow up larger and stronger.”

vng-kof-final-battle-allstar-naokoruruVNG wasn’t shy to admit that the Philippines as a market is new to them and that they’ll have to spend more time doing research. This also includes its approach in promotion.

“We’ve already had some plans to promote our game. Anyway, because the Philippines is a new market to us, so we’d like to spend more time to research and decide what will be the best way for us to bring the best information and products to Philippine gamers, game streamers or content creators maybe some parts of the future plan,” he mentioned.


As far as future plans, it seems like KOF Final Battle – AllStar won’t be the last game published in the Philippines. It is, after all, the company’s first game in the country and one of the first games in the region. Although, because the game has just barely taken off, VNG will, understandably, be focusing on the card-battle strategy game for now.

“Now we want to focus on KOF Final Battle – AllStar first. However, the Philippines is a potential market for VNG and game industry. KOF Final Battle – AllStar can be counted as one of the first games that VNG launched in SEA. There will be more titles to present to you in the future,” Phạm Duy Cường said.

We couldn’t help to ask if there are already future plans for KOF Final Battle – AllStar, of course. Of which Phạm Duy Cường simply answered, “After launching we will have more update versions, bring to users more experience which will make them surprised.”

vng-kof-final-battle-allstar-iori-yagamiWe’re already pretty excited for the KOF Final Battle – AllStar as fans of the different franchises. Learning about their plans in the Philippines for both the game and the possible future releases is just exciting stuff.

The game allows you to build your own squad of 6 fighters (8 fighters for elite frontiers) to battle for you. The different fighters have their own abilities like heal, increase rage and damage, and so much more.

Putting together a squad that works for you is just half the fun. KOF Final Battle – AllStar also has minigames like throwing darts, jumping over obstacles, and shooting birds, these further give you diamonds and power-up resources.

vng-kof-final-battle-allstar-terry-bogardGet KOF Final Battle – AllStar which is now on open beta here.

For more information on KOF Final Battle – Allstar, visit the official website, like the Facebook page, and subscribe to the YouTube channel.



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