Ryzen 3 3300X – The Most Awaited Budget CPU

Last April, AMD announced two new CPUs under the Ryzen 3 series, which caught the eyes of enthusiasts, reviewers, and fanboys. The announcement made some noise, which prompted a 5% stock increase from the company – Another win for the red team after the Ryzen 3000 series launch. It’s no secret that the Ryzen 3000 series processors are the talk of the town when building a new PC. The new Ryzen 7-nanometer CPUs now dominate almost every price point with older SKUs discounted as a cheaper option for enthusiasts. However, entry-level Ryzen CPUs didn’t receive much recognition from enthusiasts as both the Ryzen 3 3200G and Ryzen 5 3400G are both APUs with a different target market. These CPUs are basically refined versions of the previous 14-nanometer Ryzen 3 2200G and 2400G. This time, AMD’s new Ryzen 3000 CPUs takes up the mantle of its older brothers.


Ryzen 3 3200G Ryzen 5 3400G Ryzen 5 2600X Ryzen 3
Ryzen 3 3300X Ryzen 5 3500X Ryzen 5 3600
Price(PCHUB) Php 5,500 Php 8,750 Php 9,800 Php 6,000 Php 7,000 Php 8,500 Php 12,400
Cores/Threads 4 / 4 4 / 8 6/12 4 / 8 4 / 8 6 / 6 6 / 12
Base/Boost Clock (GHZ) 3.6 / 4.0 3.7 / 4.2 3.6 / 4.2 3.8 / 3.9 3.8 / 4.3 3.6 / 4.1 3.6 / 4.2
L3 Cachce(MB) 4 4 16 16 16 32 32
TDP(W) 65 65 95 65 65 65 65


The Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 3 3300X are the long-awaited entry-level processors built on AMD’s Zen 2 architecture under the 7nanometer FinFET process. Based on the specs table, the new Ryzen 3CPUs seem to be in an awkward position considering the older CPU’s updated store prices. Last generation processors are way cheaper than before, while older Ryzen 3000 series procs are now priced slightly lower than their SRP. The Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 3 3300X are also in an awkward position when the rest of the specs taken into account. In this review, we’ll be focusing on the relevance of these new processors versus the rest of the stack rather than comparing it to Intel’s offering.

Ryzen 3 3100 vs. Ryzen 3 3300X: What’s the difference?

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The spec sheet summary only tells the difference in boost clock between the Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 3 3300X as both processors have four cores and eight threads. What the spec sheet tells you is the main difference between the two Ryzen 3 processors lies underneath their dies. Ryzen 3000 series or Zen 2 processors use a chipset style layout that contains CCD or a Core Chiplet Die,  shared L3 Cache, also referred to as “Game Cache.” Each CCDs contain a set amount of CCX up to four cores depending on the configuration of the CPU SKU. These CCDs or CCX are linked via the Infinity Fabric interconnect. That said, the Ryzen 3 3100 uses a 2+2 CCX configuration inside a single CCD. The Ryzen 3 3300X, on the other hand, uses a 4+0 CCX configuration, meaning all of its cores are in one single CCX. Having all cores in a single CCX means that these cores don’t have to rely on the infinity fabric to work together. The Ryzen 3 3300X doesn’t suffer a heavy “core-to-core” latency compared to the Ryzen 3 3100X’s 2+2 CCX configuration, let alone other X+X configs from other Ryzen SKUs.

AMD Ryzen 3300X Review Ryzen 3300x benchmarks

The Ryzen 3 3300X overall specifications merit all the attention as the most-awaited and possibly most coveted Ryzen processor under Php 10,000. Its pricing breaches the Ryzen 5 territory and challenges AMD’s older offerings, namely the Ryzen 5 2600, Ryzen 5 3400G, and Ryzen 5 3500X. Unfortunately, we only have processors slightly higher and lower of those mentioned, the Ryzen 5 3600 and Ryzen 3 3200G against the Ryzen 3 3300X in our benchmarks.