LG Electronics recently unveiled the LSAA LED Signage series, offering even better image quality and easier installation than its predecessors.

LSAA is designed around a single LED cabinet hub (600×337.5×44.9mm) which provides power and signal to the signage without additional cabling between cabinets while delivering up to 4K UHD resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.

The signal is sent wirelessly via LG’s non-contact connector technology with power being sent to each display via pin connectors on the edges of the LED cabinet hub.


The LED signage also has an optional embedded back-up power supply unit and dual controllers which minimize screen failure with bi-directional signal input.

lg-lsaa-2These make it easy to not only install but also to link up multiple displays to achieve the desired size.

“Our LSAA series sets a new standard for LED signage solutions in the commercial display market,” said Inkwun Heo, LG Philippines’ Managing Director in a statement.

LG LSAA has the same AI-powered Image Processor found in LG high-end TVs which delivers vibrant images through its self-emissive display technology and a narrow 1.2mm distance between pixels. The Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor applied to the series optimizes the clarity and sharpness for the content itself by analyzing the original content. The LSAA also has HDR support which makes images more vivid with great visual impact.

It also employs the common cathode method where cathodes of the LEDs are common and connected to a single pin to prevent unnecessary power consumption.

The new LED Signage series has an optional Signage365Care service, a cloud service solution provided courtesy of LG which remotely manages the status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services.

The LG LSAA LED Signage series will be available this month starting in North America and Europe with subsequent rollouts in Latin America and Asia.

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