Based on teasers, it looks like vivo is set to launch the vivo S7, its latest 5G device on August

The video teaser posted on Weibo shows a very slim device which seems to be one of the more unique features of the phone. The video also doesn’t show a camera bump but it could be a prop just to highlight how thin the phone is. That isn’t saying we’d mind seeing a bump-less phone though.

vivo-s7-3In addition to the video, teaser posters of the vivo S7 were also posted on Weibo, on a less official level, of course. These photos reveal a more ‘traditional’ notch up to for its front camera as well as a rectangle on the upper left hand of the back for its 44MP-led rear camera setup.


vivo-s7-4The vivo S7 is said to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset and only weighs 170 grams.


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